Cryocourse 2009 Helsinki

This message is to inform you about the forthcoming training course in cryogenics and cryophysics: Cryocourse 2009 Helsinki. This is the Marie Curie Advanced Cryogenics Course taking place on September 7-18, 2009 in Helsinki and Lammi, Finland.

6-th international conference Structure and Stability of Biomacromolecules

6-th international conference Structure and Stability of Biomacromolecules SSB 09 will take place in Košice, Slovakia in September 9-11, 2009. The meeting is aimed at discussion of current progress in biomacromolecular studies related to their structure, stability, activity, dynamics, and their intermolecular interactions (ligand binding, aggregation, formation of supramolecular complexes).

FP7 - Security Research: Adoption of the work programme 2010 and publication of the call on 30 July 2009

FP7 work programmes 2010 (including Security) and updates of the 2009 work programmes (including Security) have been adopted with the following Decision references: Cooperation: C(2009) 5893 of 29 July 2009 (including Security), Ideas: C(2009) 5928 of 29 July 2009, People: C(2009) 5892 of 29 July, Capacities: C(2009) 5905 of 29 July 2009, Euratom: C(2009) 5946 of 30 July 2009.

SCITECH BRUSSELS 2009: INNOVATION ACROSS EUROPE - The Square, Brussels - 12th November 2009

PSCA International are pleased to announce the launch of a new conference for the Science and Technology Sector in Europe. The event promises to bring together leading industry stakeholders, academic experts and key policy makers to outline a collaborative approach to European science and technology frameworks.


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