Proposal Development courses on EC Funds

Two Proposal Development courses on EC Funds are taking place this year: FP7 Proposal Development Course (15-16 November, 2010) and Lifelong Learning Programme Proposal Development Course (25-26 November, 2010).

Symposium and International Workshop on ADC Modelling and Testing in Košice

The local organising committee is pleased to inform you about the IMEKO TC-4, TC-19 Symposium and International Workshop on ADC Modelling and Testing in Košice - Slovakia on September 8-10, 2010.

FP7 - European Summer Academy course

We would like to raise your attention to this course, which addresses all aspects of research (FP7) project preparation and management. The FP7 - European Summer Academy course (5-9 July 2010 Lake Balaton, Hungary) is held by experts coordinating several FP7 projects developed by themselves.

European Research Council: Starting Independent Researcher Grant

We want to draw your attention to funding possibilities for young scientists provided by the European Research Council. The funding is open to candidates of any nationality.

Can nanoparticles treat amyloid-related diseases ?

Researchers from IEP SAS in Košice, Slovakia, and ISMN-CNR in Bologna, Italy, have investigated the effect of electrostatically stabilized magnetic nanoparticles of Fe3O4 on the amyloid aggregation of lysozyme in vitro, as a prototypical amyloidogenic protein.

Call for experts

The F.R.S-FNRS is opening a call for applications towards high-level researchers to build a database of experts interested in filling the role of remote expert-evaluator or of panel evaluator as a member of one of the scientific Commissions of the Fund.

FP7-Project Development course

The 2-day interactive training FP7-Project Development course will be held in Budapest, Hungary on 22-23 March 2010.

Project SFERA: call for proposals extended to 7 March 2010

A Call for Proposals has already been open for those European research groups willing to make use of Solar Facilities in the European Research Area with a deadline set formerly on 28 February 2010. It has now been extended to 7 March 2010 in order to give you more time to ask for informations and prepare a potential project proposal.


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