Post-doctoral research position, IEP SAS Kosice

IEP SAS invites applications for postgradual position via the SASPRO program of SAS for space scientist having experience in abroad in the subject of physics of suprathermal cosmic particles and low energy cosmic rays including the solar emissions.

The work of the applicant will be oriented especially to physical analysis of experimental data from satellites, space probes and ground based high mountain measurements and will effectively utilize the infrastructure of the part of the project of structural funds of EU ITMS (Centre of Space Research: Space Weather Influences) based on the supporting operational Research and development program financed from the European Regional Development Fund finished in 2015. Preference have applicants with experience in space science projects targeting on energetic particles in the research teams working with ESA and NASA missions.

Institute of Experimental Physics SAS
Watsonova 47
040 01 Košice
Slovak Republic

Phone: +421 55 792 220
Fax: +421 55 633 62 92


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