APVV projects


   APVV-0605-14     Pavol Szabó

  Superconductor - insulator transition.


Projects of Slovak Scientific Grant Agency VEGA for Physics


   2/0149/16     Jozef Kačmarčík

   Complementary research of superconductivity in selected materials.

   2/0157/15     Peter Skyba

  3He as a topological insulator.

   2/0032/16     Slavomír Gabáni

   Influence of extreme conditions on strongly correlated electrons systems.


    P. Samuely / T. Samuely

   Research of superconducting nanostructures and nanolayers.


International Projects



   Pavol Szabó  

   Elaboration and characterization of graphene layers with controlled nanoscale rippling.

  COST Action MP 1201

  V. Moschalkov / P. Samuely

   Nanoscale Superconductivity: Novel Functionalities through Optimized Confinement of Condensate and Fields(NanoSC -COST).

   Bilateral project between
GPI RAS Moscow and IEP SAS Košice

   N.Sluchanko/ K. Flachbart

   Transport, thermal and magnetic properties of rare earth compounds.

  Bilateral project between Inst. Problems of Mater. Sci., Kiev and IEP SAS Košice

   V. Paderno / K. Flachbart

   Investigation of rare earth borides and composites based on them.

   Bilateral project between
Lancaster University and IEP SAS Košice 
   G. Pickett / P. Skyba

   Quasiparticle and spin dynamics in superfluid 3He phases at ultralow temperatures.

  Bilateral project between
Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Bariloche, Argentina and IEP SAS Košice, Slovakia
Yanina Fasano / Z. Vargaeštoková

Spectroscopic properties of strongly-correlated electronic systems with competing orders.

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