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Department of Space Physics is engaged with study of physical processes in space that are particularly  investigated  by space energetic particles, including the galactic cosmic rays. Research of Earth's magnetosphere, Interplanetary  environment, Solar surface and Heliosphere is involved. Since its establishment in 1969, the Department participated on plentitude of space satellite experiments. Continuous registration of Galactic cosmic rays is provided by neutron supermonitor located in mountain observatory at  Lomnický štít  at the altitude of 2634 metres above the sea level.

Highlights:  RADIOASTRON (Spektr-R) in preparations for launch

Moscow's space science & industrial centre Lavochkin Association  finishes a giant satellite Spectrum-RADIOASTRON, that features a unique 10-metre dish antenna. The satellite is dedicated to radioastronomical space research by the very long base interferomery VLBI in cooperation with ground radiotelescopes. The VLBI method with 350 000 km long base (spacecraft apogee) will provide significantly better angular resolution for deep-space radio objects  than was achievable by the ground based VLBI network alone. More information at:  video1 (Russian), video2 (Russian) and video3 (English). 

On board of the RADIOASTRON spacecraft, a programmable space energetic particle spectrometer MEP-2 is installed. The MEP-2 spectrometer was constructed at the Department of Space Physics IEP-SAS at Košice. The space project  MEP-2 is a joint effort of IEP-SAS,  Space Research Institute  IKI-RAN at Moscow and Democritus university DUTH at Xanthi, Greece.  Development of the MEP-2 spectrometer in Slovak Television broadcast  (archive 2007, in Slovak).

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